Heated Ski Socks Reviews

Here we test heated ski socks on the market today and rate them based on the 5 categories below. These reviews are from professionals in the market and are based on the real life use of the items. Each item has been scrutinised and we give the sock an overall score.


Criteria for reviewing the Heated Ski Socks

Design&Fit - we will look at the aesthetics of the sock and we will check that the socks fit in the way you would expect from a

ski sock, but also check it fits into the ski boot correctly.

Materials - we check what the materials the the sock are made from.

Battery Life - we will look at the voltage and how long the battery lasts.

Warming - How effective is the sock at warming your feet.

Cost - We will look at the price and check value for money.

lenz heated ski sock

Lenz Heated Ski Socks

Score - 20/25

Savior Heated sock

Savior Heated Ski Socks

Score - 9/25

heated ski sock Hotronic

Hotronic Heated Ski Socks

Score - 

KCFIR Heated ski sock.jpg

KCFIR Heated Ski Sock

Score - 

Heated ski sock Thermic

Thermic Heated Socks

Score - 

rossignol heated ski sock.jpg

Rossignol Heated Ski Sock

Score - 

Lenz Heated Ski Sock

Design & Fit -  We are reviewing the Lenz 5.0. This is an Austrian product, it is fantastically packaged and looks very professional, we won't improve it's score for that because we should be reviewing the product rather than the packaging, but it is a nice touch when you have parted with substantial money. The socks certainly have a quality feel to them, they have various padded parts like on the heel and shin, generally we find these don't make a difference but there is certainly no harm in having them but they are more of a gimmick than a necessity. Unusually the heating element is largely placed on the top of the foot. We were sceptical as to whether this would fit into a ski race boot as it looks bulky and unsightly, but it does and is comfortable. If it fits into a racing boot, it will fit into all other ski boots. The wire to the filament is excellently placed and is not noticeable in the boot at all. The top of the sock has a folding cuff which helps secure the battery. All in all an excellent fitting sock. We feel that it is really let down by the graphic design though, a sock that costs this much, should really be distinguishable from others in the market, but in all honesty it's hard to tell this apart from very cheap socks in the market. The black and red design is boring and they certainly don't offer any fashion points. That may not be their market but it will put some people off. So whilst the fit/ergonomics are excellent the fashion design lets it down. So we're giving this one 3.5/5.

Materials -50% Polyester,25% Nylon, 15% Merino Wool, 5% Silk, 3% Spandex, 2% Polypropylene

This is a good blend of materials that provide good moisture wicking qualities. Our experience with ski socks is that they can start to smell and the better the moisture is wicked away then the less they will smell. We would prefer to see a larger proportion of Merino Wool in the sock as it is super soft and has the best qualities for wicking away moisture and stopping socks from smelling. Whilst it is an expensive material you would expect the ski sock at the most expensive end of the market to have more of this material. Our score is 4/5

Battery Life - This really can't be faulted. Works well in the cold. Will last for 3.5-4.5 hours on the highest setting. The highest setting will keep your feet warm in any conditions. The lowest setting lasts for 10-14 hours. This variance in the time is because of the different temperatures that they will be operating in. Our score for battery life is 5/5


Warming - We thought the sock warmed very well with no particular uncomfortable hot spots which can happen if they are poorly designed. There is the function to control the temperature using your phone. This has become more popular since 2019, however whilst skiing this is one of the most pointless additions. Actually makes changing temperatures more of a hassle rather than just controlling it on the sock(which you can still do). The downside of this sock is the button for temperature control is quite small so not that easy to change temperature setting with ski gloves or mitts on. Also the lights on the battery are small so they can be tough to see what setting you are actually on.  The warming property of the sock is very good however the controls are a little too fiddly for our liking, we give warming properties 4/5

Cost - The cost is currently around £200 and it up there with the most expensive of the heated ski socks on the market. It is warranted through it's build quality however we would like to see the changes we have suggested implemented. This sock certainly does work and does provide value for money, we give it 3.5/5.

Total score

An excellent sock with total score of 20/25. Good work Lenz. Click here to buy the lenz ski socks

Savior Heated Ski Sock

Design & Fit - There are a few things that concern us about the design and fit of this sock. These are heated ski socks that are designed and made in China. The first thing that comes to our attention is the proportions of the sock seem all wrong. For a ski sock it is way too short from the ankle to the top of the sock, it will not reach the top of the boot. Additionally the foot section of the sock is way too long which means there is no way the heel will sit in the right place for people. From a fitting point of view the dimensions of the sock are all wrong. The heating element is uncomfortably positioned underneath the foot, it's uncomfortable because it is fixed using a piece of lining material that gets folded and creased inside the sock. The wire of the sock can be felt underneath the sock and on the side of the sock, it will certainly rub and be uncomfortable. From a fashion point of view the sock is plain grey, it offers nothing that will stand out. We are not sure how this sock has passed the testing stage, we give this sock 1/5. 

Materials - 80% Cotton , 12% Polyester ,8% Elastane Material.

We just have to say no. The 80% cotton means the socks have poor moisture wicking qualities. This means the socks get wet and stay wet, despite the claims of a Coolmax Tri-Blend construction with such a high cotton content this is not ideal for ski socks. The lining material that is used to secure the filament also does not feel nice against the skin. We score the materials 1/5

Battery Life - The 7.4V battery provides between 2-6.5 hours of battery life. Not bad but not in the same ball game as the more expensive socks. We give this 2.5/5

Warming - Despite being short lived the socks do provide heating. We give them 2.5/5

Cost - Given that they are uncomfortable, poorly designed and the materials used aren't right for this type of sock and it offers no fashion appeal we don't feel this sock more than 2/5

Total Score

Save your money we gave this sock 9/25. If this sock takes your fancy you can buy it here. Savior Ski Socks.

KCFIR Heated Ski Sock

Design & Fit - Similar to the cheaper socks this sock is not very comfortable. It's wire is poorly fitted to the sock so it moves, snags and generally annoying both under the foot and down the side of the leg. This is the sort of sock we expect to see when the concept of heated ski socks first came out. The fit of the sock is actually pretty good and the heating element is well fixed under the toe box. The sock is plain black and once again pretty boring so it doesn't gain any points there. Apart from the wire this sock would be comfortable but then all it would be is a plain tube sock. One neat idea this sock comes with is a controller that could be kept in your pocket so you don't need to roll up your ski trousers. It looks very tacky and would certainly break very quickly, but the idea is novel and is more practical than the bluetooth phone options sometimes seen. We give this sock a 2/5.

Materials - 36% Cotton, 45% Nylon, 16% Polyester, 5% Spandex
We all know that we shouldn't have cotton in there, but this has been made on a budget hence the low cost materials. No merino wool or silk. The cotton means it will not wick away the moisture that well however the blend of materials gives it a much better chance. We give it 2/5.

Battery Life - The battery lasts between 4-12 hours depending on the setting. This is pretty good actually and is up there with some of the more famous brands. The battery is much longer than other batteries and is more like a power bank, but we didn't really notice that when it was on. We score this 3/5.

Warming - They do the job pretty well. We give them 3/5

Cost - These are very low in price and not bad value for money. I wouldn't wear them for skiing but for something like fishing where the wire wouldn't rub or cause problems they would be better. We give them 4/5

Total Score

We give this sock 14/25. It is pretty good value for money. We don't think the build quality is great though so don't expect this sock to last long. You can purchase the KCFIR Heated Ski Sock in the Heated Ski Socks Store