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About Heated ski socks

Heated was founded by people that spend their life in cold and challenging conditions and wanted to be able to have warm feet and so created a shop for Heated ski socks. The founders have spent decades in the Alps so they know how the beastly winds and biting cold can make your feet cold and spoil the outdoor experience . Historically, layers upon layers was the only way to prevent cold feet, but this still wouldn't heat your feet. Combining the advances in materials with battery technology is now the way forward, Heated ski socks will keep you warm no matter how cold it gets, read about all the options on the market in our heated ski socks reviews. So if you are looking to keep warm whilst skiing, snowboarding, walking or mountaineering in cold conditions Heated Clothing has both Men's and Women's socks that will keep your feet warm. 

Why use Heated ski socks?

If you suffer with cold feet then it can be a great way to actively heat them up. They can really help people with Raynaud's Syndrome or if you're like our founder just suffer with cold feet. They help to prevent frostnip, frostbite and chilblains which are very painful and can spoil your experience. Once the nerve and capillary network in the foot is damaged it does not recover quickly and for some it may never recover. Using a Lithium Ion battery and a cleverly designed sock you can heat your feet for the whole day staving off these painful occurrences  Historically trying to keep the feet warm has been very passive, trying to keep the core warm and keep the feet dry and whilst that advice still stands we can now add in the biggest help, a radiator inside your ski sock or walking boot. There are a variety of products that are on sale that can do the job but unlike most companies we will test them before we sell them. Not many of the heated ski socks that we have tested work well for skiing. Many are too thick or have poorly designed systems or simply aren't hot enough.

Who are Heated socks for?

The people that will get most benefit are those that are particularly affected by cold conditions. If you have to cut your days short because your feet are cold or feel nauseous because of the chill then you will feel most benefit. However there are certain conditions when everyone will feel the benefit. If you're skiing between November - February it can get extremely cold where even the warmest blooded adults can't stand the cold. Many ski instructors despite being perfectly used to the cold have ended with frostnip and have damaged toes as a result. Most of the ski instructors now use heated ski socks to prevent such instances happening. 

How do they Work?

There is a rechargeable battery that is located at the top of the sock, this battery can be removed for charging and charge duration varies depending on which battery and sock combination that you have. There is then a wire that runs from the battery down the sock to a filament under the toes. It is this filament that heats the toes which is the area where feet get cold. Most heated socks allow the temperature to be changed through settings either on the sock or some use a smartphone system. The batteries are transferable between socks so you can have several pairs if you wanted to wear a new pair every time.

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